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Do good GOODS is a business designed to help your goods do good.  Between 10-60% of every item sold goes to the charity of the consignor’s choice.  The charity must be a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and may either be local or national.

Do good GOODS takes a variety of consignment merchandise.  All items must be in good to excellent condition.

Antiques should be in good repair.  Household items should be free of chips, cracks, etc.  Furniture should be clean (no odor, stains, pet damage) and in good repair.  Clothing must be on hangers and ready to put on the floor (pressed or dry cleaned) and free from stains or odors.  All buttons and fasteners should be in good working order.  Clothing items must be name brand and in-style.

Consignor’s have 3 options.

  • Option 1: Consignor receives 45% of proceeds and donates 5%.  Do good GOODS matches the 5% for a total of 10% going to the charity of the consignor’s choice.

  • Option 2: Consignor elects to receive 25% of proceeds and donate 25%. Do good GOODS increases donation for a total of 33% going to the charity of the consignor’s choice.

  • Option 3: Consignor elects to donate item so that 50%, or the entire consignor percentage, goes to charity.  Do Good GOODS increases funds to 10% for a total of 60% going to the charity of the consignor’s choice.

Do good GOODS wants you, the consignor, to maximize the good your goods can do.  Select items will be posted on-line.  Do good GOODS will manage all shipping, etc.

If an item is consigned, it will remain full price for 4 weeks, then reduce by 25% for 4 weeks and another 25% for 4 weeks.  After 12 weeks or 90 days if the item has not sold, it can be returned to the consignor or become property of the store. Furniture will be able to remain on the floor for additional time.

Do good GOODS will price merchandise to obtain fair price and maximize charitable giving opportunity.  A consignor agreement is available to print on-line or in-store.

For questions, please contact

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